Your Real Estate Attorney in Bloomfield Hills & Detroit, MI

Your Real Estate Attorney in Bloomfield Hills & Detroit, MI

Contact a real estate law attorney to fight landlord-tenant disputes

When you own a building and have a tenant in breach of contract, you need an attorney who will work quickly to get the money you’re owed. Kenneth B. Morgan, P.C. is an experienced real estate attorney serving Bloomfield Hills and Detroit, Michigan.

Attorney Morgan represents commercial property owners in need of legal representation. We’ll help you with:

  • Asserting rights possession
  • Obtaining money due on the lease
  • Getting a judgment for the money owed

An experienced attorney can help you determine the lump sum number owed, based on a future stream of revenue. Talk to a knowledgeable attorney about real estate law in Detroit and Bloomfield Hills, MI today.

Consult a real estate law attorney as soon as there’s a problem

In most cases, the first person making a legal claim gets what is owed. You want to be there before the other creditors to obtain full lease compliance. Don’t put off consulting a real estate attorney. Matters involving landlord-tenant disputes only get more complicated over time.

Contact Kenneth B. Morgan, P.C. today to speak with a commercial real estate attorney in Bloomfield Hills or Detroit, MI.