Find a Corporate Attorney in Bloomfield Hills or Detroit, MI

Find a Corporate Attorney in Bloomfield Hills or Detroit, MI

Kenneth B. Morgan, P.C. focuses on corporate law cases

If your company is involved in a dispute, you need a resolution as quickly as possible so your business can move forward. Kenneth B. Morgan, P.C. handles corporate law matters in Detroit and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

A lawyer with a thorough understanding of the law will ensure that your case receives proper attention. His focus will be on achieving your goals while doing everything possible to avoid litigation. Attorney Morgan can assist you with:

  • Contract disputes
  • Ownership disputes
  • Minority oppression disputes

Your company’s best interests will always be front of mind. Contact Kenneth B. Morgan, P.C. today to speak with a corporate attorney in Bloomfield Hills or Detroit, MI.

Turn to a Passionate Corporate Law Attorney

Here’s how a knowledgeable attorney can help with your case. Let’s say you’re in a partnership with three other individuals who started a business, and that each principal has an equal ownership share. As the company grows and becomes successful, the three who are operating the business pay themselves a share. The fourth partner isn’t actively involved in the company but demands equal pay. This is an example of a minority oppression case.

A skilled corporate attorney can help you in matters involving economic disputes or control disputes, with the goal of reaching a resolution that’s amenable to all parties.

If you need help with a corporate law matter, get in touch with a capable corporate attorney in Detroit or Bloomfield Hills, MI today.